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Is the GARP SCR Right for You?

Is the GARP SCR Right for You?
Is the GARP SCR Right for You?

What Is the GARP SCR Certificate?

The GARP Sustainability and Climate Risk Certificate is your entry into a fast-growing community driving the future of climate risk management. From entry-level to executive, across industries such as banking, fintech, hospitality, fashion, and more, SCR Certificate holders are leading their companies with solutions to today's top issues in climate change and sustainability.

Professionals who complete their SCR Certificate will:

  • Develop strategies for improving climate risk mitigation efforts.

  • Learn how to tackle today’s physical and transition risks.

  • Get a real-world look at climate change’s economic impact.

  • Lead firms to invest sustainably and create meaningful change.

Meet the Growing Demand

  • 85% of the 943 individual respondents in a GARP SCR study indicated they would need additional SCR knowledge in the future.

  • 15% of respondents surveyed believe their organization has a current strategy in place to effectively mitigate climate change.

  • 95% of respondents indicated their firms plan to develop a strategic approach to climate risk in the future.

Benefits to Candidates

CRITICAL KNOWLEDGE: Gain knowledge critical to managing sustainability and climate risk.

GLOBAL RECOGNITION: The certificate is part of GARP SCR's flagship certifications, recognized worldwide.

RIGOROUS ASSESSMENT: Peer-reviewed, rigorous assessment ensures quality and relevance.

EMPOWERING CHANGE: Engage with global networks and navigate international perspectives, inviting opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and value creation.

Exam Statistics and Impact

  • Pass Rate of the GARP SCR Exam: As of October 2023, the pass rate is 55%.

  • Total Candidates: Since the start of the GARP Sustainability and Climate Risk, 9,138 candidates have sat for an Exam.

Certification Benefits

  • Enhanced Risk Management Skills: Comprehensive understanding of climate-related risks.

  • Expertise in Green Technologies Adoption: Champion sustainability initiatives.

  • Supply Chain Resilience and Transparency Advocacy: Fortify supply chains against climate risks.

  • Compliance Leadership and Advocacy: Stay ahead of evolving regulations.

  • Innovation and Adaptation Pioneering: Invest in climate-resilient technologies.

  • Career Entry without Experience Barrier: Accessible for newcomers and skilled professionals alike.

Career Acceleration and Opportunities

  • Career Acceleration: Fast-track your career progression in sustainability and climate risk assessment.

  • Enhanced Employability: Become a sought-after candidate in diverse industries.

  • Leadership Opportunities: Transition from a passive observer to a proactive leader in sustainability.

  • Industry Recognition: The GARP SCR certification adds substantial weight to your resume.

  • Networking and Collaboration: Access to a global community of professionals for potential collaborations.

  • Value Addition to Companies: Contribute meaningfully to a company’s sustainability efforts.

  • Career Pivot: Transition into roles focusing on sustainability, climate risk, and corporate responsibility.

The GARP SCR certification is not just a professional milestone but a catalyst for personal and organizational transformation. Obtaining this certification means contributing to the global movement toward sustainability and climate resilience. It prepares individuals to be leaders, creators, and inspirations for positive change amidst climate uncertainties. With its comprehensive approach and global recognition, the SCR certification is an exemplary guide for professionals aiming to manage climate risks effectively and uphold sustainable practices. The GARP Sustainability and Climate Risk Exam scored on a pass/fail basis, is a gateway to a future where managing climate risks and embracing sustainable practices are the norms.

The data referenced in this article was sourced directly from the official website (


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